Wednesdays night’s game against the Nationals’ rivals, the Leamington Flyers, started with a high sticking call against London to put them on the penalty kill just five and a half minutes into the game. The Nationals were able to hold off Leamington keeping the board scoreless. The game saw more penalty trouble for both ends as Preston Corp of the Flyers and Josh Castle of Nationals drew offsetting penalties for roughing at 9:42. There was lots of action in both ends during the first period with the shots 19-9 for the Nationals, however, neither team was able to capitalize. Josh King of the Flyers closed the period with a slashing penalty putting the Nationals on the power play to start the second period.

Opening the second period, Leamington was able to hold off the Nationals’ power play but shortly after Leamington received a hooking call putting the Nationals on the power play once again. This time Riley MacRae was able to capitalize, scoring from the top of the circle at 4:21 putting the Nationals in the lead. Once again Leamington was called on a hooking penalty just 30 seconds after the goal. The Nationals responded shortly after on the power play with a goal from the point by Zach Sheedy. Just over a minute later, Noah Tooke carried the puck from zone to zone passing to Davis to make a beautiful setup goal for MacRae’s second of the evening at 6:02. Leamington responded just a few minutes later with a power play goal by Zach Taylor making the score 3-1. Just a few minutes later, Leamington followed up with two goals, by Adam Jeffery and Wyatt O’Neil making it a tie game at 14:51. The scoring didn’t stop the Nationals as Christian Pollio was able to capitalize on a holding penalty against Leamington to put London in the lead once again at 17:50 and end the second-period scoring.

The third period saw some good back and forth action by both teams although there was little action on net in the first half. The Nationals drew one last penalty at 10:30. On the power play, a pass from behind the net by Nationals Christian Polillo to George Diaco made the score 5-3 at 11:20. Leamington applied great pressure in the last few minutes of the game however the Nationals were able to hold them off for their 30th win of the season.

The Nationals win closed the gap in the standings putting them one point behind Leamington who holds the first spot in the Western Conference. Their next home game is on Family Day, Monday, February 18 at 1:30 pm against LaSalle. Bring your family and your states to skate with the players after the game!