Game one of the WOC championships against the Leamington Flyers opened fast, right from the puck drop. The Nats put on pressure quickly, however, a turnover allowed Flyers’ Dylan Weston to put them on the board just over a minute into the game. Just a few minutes later, an almost goal by Nationals’ James Turner got called off due to the net being off its post. Fast puck movement and many shot opportunities for both teams continued, however, neither team was able to finish. Both teams got into some penalty trouble but again, neither team was able to capitalize. Action after the whistle put the Nationals down 5 on 3 for almost two minutes but they were able to kill it off easily. A hooking penalty by Nationals’ Cal Davis sent them into the second period on the penalty kill for the first 30 seconds with the score 1-0.

The Nats came out strong in the second period despite being shorthanded. Nationals’ Adam Wiener received a roughing penalty halfway through the period but London was still able to put on heavy pressure with Kyle Dawson almost scoring on a breakaway. Just a few minutes later, Wes Dobbin tied up the score at 12:55. Five minutes later, the Nationals’ James Turner scored a beautiful backhanded shot top right corner for the go-ahead goal.

Just a minute into the third period, Leamington’s Dylan Weston received a crosschecking penalty. Great movement of the puck on the powerplay left Zack Sheedy wide open in the slot to allow for a one-timer goal making the score 3-1. The Refs really held back on calls in the third period letting both teams play aggressively. Leamington tried for one last push against the Nats however Noah Tooke was able to seal the win with an open net goal to make it 4-1 at 17:16.

Game Two will be held at home on Saturday, March 30th at 7 pm against Leamington.