A slow start for London in game four of the Western Conference Championships. An odd bounce gave the Flyers’ Cameron Armstrong a breakaway to put them in the lead just three and a half minutes into the game. A warm-up violation by Austin Jeffers and penalties by Nicholas Hatzikirakos and Josh Castle put three Nationals in the box. An amazing penalty kill shut down the flyers on their almost two minutes 5-on-3 with great blocking and big saves by Zack Springer. A Nationals power play allowed for Christian Polillo to tie up the score at 13:16. Just three and a half minutes later Wes Dobbin was able to get the rebound off of a missed shot to put the Nationals in the lead going into the second period.


London kept the pace going into the second period. Just two short minutes into the second period, James Turner utilized his great hands to get around the two defences and the goalie tight in net for a backhanded goal. James Turner didn’t stop there as he was able to bury a rebound for his second goal of the night on the power play at 5:43 to make it 4-1. Turner is leading the team in points in the playoffs with 14 goals and 6 assists. Just five minutes later, Nationals’ George Diaco bats the puck in the air to then be kicked back by Keyes for a tip in goal without touching the ice. A power-play goal by Leamington made the score 5-2 going into the third period.


London’s confident lead didn’t slow down their pressure in the third period. Christian Polillo scores a power-play goal to secure the Nats win at 8:18 making it 6-2.


Sweeping the series 4-0, the Nationals were named the Western Conference champions for the fourth straight year. The team will be heading the Sutherland Cup Semi-Finals.


The Nationals will be doing a fan bus for next round’s away games! If you are interested and would like more information please contact