Coaching switch: London Nationals lose assistant to St. Marys Lincolns, but gain a Lincs assistant

Jeff Bradley’s first game behind the St. Marys Lincolns bench will be against his old London team Friday.

The 34-year-old stepped down as a Nationals assistant last Thursday and has assumed the top job with the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League entry from Stonetown. He replaces Trent McClement, who guided the Lincs to a 7-7 record.

“I’m very excited,” Bradley said. “I feel like I’ve been ready for a couple of years now. Leaving the Nationals team we had there for five years with Pat Powers, Adam McKee and Bill Dark wasn’t something I was interested in at all, but now really seemed to be the right time.”

Bradley had been in his sixth season helping the Nationals, who carried a 10-3 mark into Wednesday’s home game against LaSalle. He was part of three straight Western Conference titles, plus two trips to the Sutherland Cup final.

Ryan Shipley, who had been an assistant to McClement, resigned from St. Marys and has moved to the Nationals bench to join head coach Colin Martin and McKee. The Ilderton native and former OHL second-round pick of Ottawa played for the Nats in 2013-14.